This Masterclass is for YOU!

The YOU who feels like you don’t have control over your life.

The YOU who wants to change your life but doesn’t know how.

YOU don’t know how to set goals properly or where to start.

Your fed up and want to change now.

YOU ‘the old me’

I’m Gemma Life and Positive Mindset coach for ladies who have put themselves last on the list, forgotten who they are, what they want and who never seem to have anytime for themselves! I can help you Master your Mindset, Set goals aligned with your core beliefs and a Kick ass plan of action to get you there

You can and will live a life you love. You just need the Mindset and strategy to do it!

This masterclass and your workbook will help you identify what it is you want and how to get you there!

We will cover….

Goal setting

Action Planning

Time blocking

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It all starts with a decision

a decision to change

 to change for the better…

Still unsure? See what my clients are saying…


“Fast forward 2 months… I’ve lost 12lb in weight. I’m out walking so much more. I’ve given up my little wine witch for 5 weeks so far. I’m waking up happy and motivated. I’m setting goals and achieving them! Through time blocking I’m getting that important me time for self care. By practicing the affirmations and gratitude, my mindset is so much more positive!! I don’t feel like I’m treading water anymore…I feel like I’m swimming and loving it!! My family can see a huge difference too…grumpy mum and wifey, is around a lot less!! So cheers Gemma!


Gemma has been an amazing inspiration to me.. I had 10 online coaching sessions with her and cannot thank her enough for the motivation she instilled in me.. she works in a way where you dont feel pressured but want to move forward.. each session pushed me that bit more.. she helped me look at things in a different way.. evaluate where I was and where I wanted to be.. there has been wobbles along the way but I’m now on the right track.. it feels amazing.. with Gemma’s help and belief in me I found belief in myself 😊 I love this stuff! it works! ❤


I’m loving being in this group, your helping me so much Gemma, thankyou. I’ve still a long way to go but in the space of a month I’m definitely looking at things more positively and reflecting.

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