How to shift your Mindset in 2021


2020 has been absolutely crazy!

Reflecting on the past year

We stayed home, we were scared, we clapped (every Thursday night)

We homeschooled, we gained weight, we tiktoked, we drank a lot!

Some of us sadly lost loved ones, our mental health deteriorated.

Our relationships got stronger or ended.

Our children missed out on education and time with loved ones and friends.

But, a lot of us made it through, we did it and we will do it again.

That being said do not let anyone tell you how you SHOULD be feeling.

Feel it all, but don’t unpack your stuff and stay there.

We are here again, it is not easy, but we can do it!

I want to put a positive spin on it all because there are always positives.

And I want you to look for your positives from this past year.

So, forget the negatives for a few minutes and look at what went right, what came out of 2020.

What are you happy and proud of achieving?

I’m going to give you my examples of how it went for me having the positive mindset and outlook.

  • I had a baby, my last baby in fact, I was able to enjoy my full time with him and his 3 siblings, no rushing here there and everywhere oh and I breast fed him for 6 months(yes it was hard, tears, tantrums and occasional wine) But it was amazing.
  • I started my online coaching business and I’m helping ladies change their lives by changing the way they think (but I am not taking all that credit, I give them the tools and they take the action)
  • I launched my monthly membership.
  • I got made redundant which was sad, but that pushed me to do something else I’m passionate about which will evolve more in 2021 (watch this space)
  • We beat Covid in our house.
  • I ran 8k
  • I worked a lot on my own personal development.

There are always positives in a situation.

You have to choose how you want to see it.

I know which feels better for me, and it’s not focusing on the negatives.

So hit reply and tell me at least 1 thing that went well for you and share this it may help someone else xx

P.S in my Free group over the next few days im going to be sharing some tips on how to remain positive in this situation



Celebrating life, happiness and my first blog post…

Hello and Welcome! I’m so excited to be writing my first blog! Even though I’ve just spent the past 45 minutes thinking what I can write in the blog then spending another 30 minutes googling ‘what to write in your first blog’ and then of course closing the computer and then opening it again so many times I thought ‘JUST DO YOU HUN’
A phrase I say to so many ( I’m even wearing the t-shirt with the exact same slogan) so it kind of makes sense.
So I’m going to introduce my new blog and myself.

Feel free to check the about me section if you haven’t already. But in the mean time I will let you know a little about me. I apologise now for being illiterate, although I’m actually not really sorry.

I’m Gemma, just a normal girl who grew up on a typical council estate and did rubbish at school, absolutely shocking actually. I lived for the weekend were I spent most of my time out.
Well I say weekend it was actually Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and some Sundays until I had my first child.

I was in a very bad place back then and it got worse before it got better.
I spent years of letting people talk to and treat me like crap. Years of being unhappy, but doing nothing about it.
Years spent on different types of medication to help me deal with my depression and anxiety.
Years of listening to others tell me what I should and shouldn’t do  because my own values weren’t good enough. Basically I spent years of torturing and bullying myself! I was the most negative person in the whole wide world.
Seriously all doom and gloom.
Everything was always working against me and not for me.
I didn’t want to be here anymore.
Life was so unfair and bad stuff always happened to me. I was unfixable, the unluckiest person in the world.
you get the picture?

But in the words of Elsa the queen of ice I finally ‘LET IT GO’ and I’m not that person any more!
It didn’t happen overnight of course .But It shifted quite quickly and I changed and if I can believe me anyone can!
Fast-forward to now I’m the complete opposite.
Literally everything I’ve written above the absolute opposite.
I mean don’t get me wrong I’m not bouncing around with my spirit fingers in the air and on a constant high all the time but the majority of the time I’ve got my positive pants on and my shit together. I used to get annoyed when people told me I had changed. I was offended and upset, but I did and I finally realised that’s not a bad thing in fact,  its the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I’ve experienced so much of LIFE I really have! And I’m only 31. Believe me it’s starting to show in my forehead! But that’s for another blog another time! But do you know what? I have no regrets, none what so ever!
I will never ever forget my roots, the laughs and cries I had along the way. I will always stay humble and want to help people its why I’m here and my purpose after all.
I will never ever forget the billion mistakes I’ve made, the experiences I’ve had and of course the people I’ve met along the way. Because each and everyone of them has made me who I am today! and I’m so glad to be me (something I would of never of said in a million years back then)
P.S. not in a braggy way like I think I’m amazing and better than anyone.

P.S.S. I don’t have everything in the world I want! But I’ve got everything I need rite now.

I’m also a mum of 3  and excited for it soon to be 4, a wife, Childminder, hairdresser, mentor, WW coach and Life and happiness coach!
Geez I’m tired reading that!
I don’t fulfil all them roles anymore but you can see a pattern of wanting to help people or make them feel good and you can also see that I like variety and to make changes.

But now I help ladies and mums feel happy, find their life purpose and create balance.
That doesn’t mean I cannot work with men, of course I can and will.
I’ve just never been one!
So I’m dedicating my blog to write about Life!
It makes sense really doesn’t it?
So tune in to my blog where I will share ‘The Good the Bad and the ugly’ I will share real life events, reviews, motivation, tips and of course some laughs and cries along the way because that’s what life is all about isn’t it?  Imagine your journey being you in a car driving a long a road. It will never be a simple straight road.

There are so many bumps, sometimes cliffs along the way. You may experience a flat or even slashed tyres along the way.
But remember who is sat driving and in control of that car and the same goes for your life, you may just not know it yet but you are in control!
We have been given the gift of life, something that’s denied to so many so lets enjoy it!

If I could drink now I would cheers with a big bottle of Prosecco to LIFE
But this cup of tea will have to do for now

Enjoy Gemma xx

Why you NEED some self care in your life.

Self care is thrown around a lot lately and some people are like sayyyyy what?

What is this thing ‘selfcare’ and why do I need it?

So, Me being the Go to gal for all things

Positivity, wellness, happiness, wine, gin, cider, PROSSECO

woooah I went off track there (can you tell I’ve not drank for 28 days)

Anyhow, bringing it back.

I’m gonna tell you exactly what it is and why we need it.

Self care is literally CARING for YOURSELF.

It does what it says on the tin.

Caring for yourself and your own needs.

Just you.


Whilst practicing self care its important to be mindful or in the zone.

Picture this!

You had a rough day at work and think I neeeed some time for me when I get in.

So you get home and run your bath and you pour a large glass of wine. You whip out your bath pillow from body shop (thank you Jess) and get some relaxing music on and think yesssss this is the life.

No kids are knocking on the door shouting “I need a wee” because It’s so late! They were in bed hours ago.

You then pick up your phone and start replying to all your messages, notifications, getting into the voice notes in your million WhatsApp groups and of course the scroll.

The dreaded scroll!

Before you know it you’ve drank all the wine and the baths cold.

Feeling relaxed?

Hell no.

You wasn’t being mindful or (in the moment) so your still gonna be stressed, probably even more because you’ve now taken on everyone else’s drama.

This is WHY self care is so important. I say “It’s as important as that doctors appointment that cant be missed” So get it in your diary.

Because if you don’t get some down time your running on empty.

Think of a car, without fuel it ain’t going anywhere.

You cannot give anyone else a lift because you’ve no fuel left.

So stop thinking that everyone else comes before you.

Because without you and your fuel how are you meant to give/care/ show up for them and spin all them plates?

You cant.

You’re at higher risk of depression, health problems, anxiety and burn out.

Then what will everyone do when they NEED you so much?

You must find time for yourself (go and give my time management blog a read)

Schedule it in like that doctors appointment we spoke about and do something (mindfully and uninterrupted)  

It is not a chore.

P.S I’ve already spoke to your manager and your allowed a mental health day.

Seriously look after yourself



Time to create more Time.

My top tips on time managment.

Most of the ladies that come to me tell me that they struggle with time.

Can you relate to any of these comments?

“There aren’t enough hours in the day”

“I have children and a job”

“I can never do anything for myself because I am so busy running around for everyone else”

And I get it, believe me, I used to say the same.

But how can I go from working part time with 2 children and having no extra time.


Having a job, my own business, being a networking leader with 4 children and have more time?

It does not make sense!

It’s because it is not true.

Now, I’m not saying I was lying that I didn’t have time or that you are.

I’m saying you aren’t aware of it, and maybe just maybe your time isn’t being managed in the best way it could be.

We think we don’t have enough time because it’s not visually in front of us to see (I don’t mean the clock by the way)

Here are some examples and facts to look at.

  • We all have the same 24 hours a day 7 days a week (last time I looked there was no stopwatch that stopped the world so you can get things done)
  • Our phones for the majority of us are the biggest distraction and on average we spend over 3 hours a day on them.
  • The average person watches around 2 hours TV a night (love island was on for 8 hours a week) did you commit to that? I did once!
  • We procrastinate so much!! To much.

Now lets look at the maths for an average full time working mum.

168 hours in a week- Fact

40 hours working- average person

56 hours sleeping- if you’re lucky enough

42 hours family time, Eating, Travelling, shopping

30 hours left to – pursue your goals and dreams.

Now workout your week, how many hours do you have free?

Top Tips

Be honest with yourself on where you’re wasting your time.

Is it your phone Facebook, Tik tok, Whatsapp, Instagram?

Do you watch TV every night?

 If so, how much? Delete your apps when you need to be productive it helps massively

2. Get into a routine with whatever your priorities are kids, house, business, socialising.

3. Time block every week for the upcoming week, as Benjamin Franklin said “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”

4. Schedule into your weekly plan time for you, just you.

5. Look at what you can give up to create more time (I gave up television) I only watch it about 3 hours a week now if that.

6. Plan meals and a shopping list for the week in advance.

7. Set yourself alarms or reminders and keep focused on a task at a time.

8. Write lists, lists, lists and more lists, there is something so satisfying about ticking them off!

9. Get up earlier to fit something extra in. ( be careful if your working to much because you may experience burnout)

10. Invest in a good Journal/Diary.

You will be in such a better mental space by applying these into your life.

Love Gemma xoxoxo

Weight loss Advice

Weight loss advice Blog

Covid 19 how you absolutely messed up our plans and turned our world upside down!!

Does this relate to you??

Have you been stuck in the house most of the time with/without the kids or working from home?

You’re a little annoyed because you’re carrying a few extra LB’s.

What else where you meant to be doing with all your time?

Your ‘bored in the house and your in the house bored

yes I had a go at TIKTOK too.

The only exercise you did was getting up to go to the kitchen for snacks, and back again.

And of course the arm workout you did everyday when you drank copious amounts of wine!

Did anyone else play that game where you took a drink every time you heard the word mum?

Oh just me then! (I also have 4 kids how am I writing this?)

Anyway it’s done.

Stop worrying about it.

It’s fine.

You can’t go back.

So give yourself a break.

There is absolutely no point dwelling on the shudda, wudda, cudda is there?

Because the only thing that is going to come from that is you feeling even more crap about yourself.

You then speak horrible about yourself the “ I’m so Fat”

 “I can never diet”  “I will never lose weight” or the

 “I gain weight so easily”

Its true that you are what you say you are, and so the circle continues.

So start from where you are now.

Stop, take a few breaths and let it go.

If you have landed on this page today this is YOUR SIGN.

Your sign to take action now (not on Monday)

If this isn’t for you that’s absolutely fine share it anyway because someone might benefit from what I’m saying.

Stop focusing on the past (this last year) that is out of your control now.

But what’s in your control is how you react going forward.

You have a choice!

So get yourself a plan of action to move you forward. There are lots of excuses that can be used. But I will do another blog on that another time.

Lets look at the facts

  • It is common knowledge that as long as you are in a calorie deficit you will lose weight.
  • It is common knowledge that the more you move the more your body burns calories, which makes you in a deficit (as long as you don’t eat them back).
  • Any plan will work if you stick to it.

You just need to find one that fits your life style.

I love WW because nothing is off limits and they also focus on MINDSET, which is absolute key!

This is also why I became a coach for them a few years ago.

What is not working?

  • The habits that have been created getting you to the point your at now now (They need replacing)
  • When you give up on yourself every time you have a bad day (they happen)
  • Talking down about yourself every god damn day.
  • When you do really well, get the results you want but then going back to doing the same things that got you to where you are now.

Being in a calorie deficit, changing your MINDSET and having a plan of action is going to get you the results you want and need!

But more than anything, what will work is you taking the action to do them things every day, even when you don’t want to.

So here are my top tips

  • Choose a plan that fits you and your life style whatever it is.
  • Work on your mindset everyday
  • Have clear goals and a plan of action
  • Listen and be aware of how you talk too and about yourself because it’s so important! BE KIND

Making small changes everyday is going to get you to where you want to be!

You just have to be clear on where that is.

I hope this has helped someone today. You can do it, you can do anything!

LADIES come and join my free facebook group MRS MINDSET