I’m Gemma Holden.

A Mindset and Strategy coach for women who are fed up of just existing!

I help women who feel lost!

They feel lost due to the chaos and juggle of life!

It’s ok to accept we ‘struggle with the juggle’

I remember it so well, because I have been there done it and wore the t-shirt! In fact I have the tshirt in all different colours and sizes!

And now I empower amazing women like YOU to take control of their emotions so they can take the action needed to find that inner goddess that still exists! She is in there waiting to be unleashed! Do you want to find her?

Imagine if you could actually start to love your life again! If you could just have some time to do the things you love and be the real you! without having to drastically change too much.

I understand that life has many challenges, which are unique to each of us as individuals. 

But I also KNOW we can overcome those challenges and achieve anything our heart desires!

We have so many different roles, Mum, Wife, Partner, Friend, Cook, Cleaner, Taxi Service, Business owner, Employee, Butcher, Baker, Candlestick maker you get the drift! The list is endless and sometimes it can all get a little much…

Who am I kidding life can be hard!

I hear you sister!

Lets be honest! You have been so busy focusing on all the above roles you have forgotten who you are and what you want from life.
Many ladies I work with say loneliness is a major feeling they get, even though they aren’t lonely. And then the guilt comes in!

Because you have a family, a partner, a nice home but still feel this way! Which makes you feel even worse I know it all too well, believe me! It was the Tshirt i wore every day until 2018


If your feeling fed up, lonely, bored, unhappy and stressed out. 

If you’re struggling to maintain a social, work and family life balance.

If you’re tired of trying to meet society’s expectation of the perfect body image, how we should look, dress or even act.


If you just think you’re lost and need Direction.

I CAN help you. All you must do is WANT it, want more. I have so much passion about helping ladies find their authenticity, love themselves and live a life they love and deserve!

Let me ask you…

 Do you want to move forward and have an amazing future? Are you living out the same day over and over and feel stuck in a rut? We all want more right? You really do have that choice You just don’t know it yet!

If your ready to up level your life Check out how I can help you!